Monday, June 18, 2012

Backyard Makeover Reveal

In the last post i revealed the finale to the Cheap and Cheerful Garage makeover, so today i thought i'd share the finale of the rest of the backyard makeover.  Last fall i showed the rebuilt deck and rebuilt covered basement walkout in the backyard.  Like the garage makeover, Gerry our painter ((416) 727-9089) did a great job of staining it all.  And like the garage, the difference that stain can make is insane.  Pressure-treated wood has lots of benefits, but in my opinion looks have never been one of them.  Once stained with a solid stain, not only does the look become much richer and beautiful, it also helps to preserve the wood by repelling water, mildew and UV.

Here are the afters:

And here's what it looked before:


Keira said...

Wow! That is some transformation! Although the "before" really was pretty bad. Love the door. Gerry the painter wouldn't happen to be a 40ish, really fun Irish guy, would it?

a Girl Called Kim said...

Is it weird that I want to live in the garage now? It's like a cute little cottage. A great change overall and just in time for summer!

Roncy Vic said...

True the before definitely left a lot to be desired! Our Gerry doesn't sound quite as fun as your painter, but i will say he is very reasonable, honest and does great work.

@ Kim
Thanks! I actually wanted it to look like a but like a studio or cottage. I was hoping it would look like a place that was nicer than just where one would store their car and tools.

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to find the perfect paint colour for our exterior. Our home has a similar brick colour to yours and love the colour of the exterior kitchen doors, could you possibly tell me what colour it is? Is it the same colour as the garage, it looks different.

Enjoying looking over your renovation process, some very clever ideas and beautiful work!

Kyle said...

Thanks so much! The outside of our kitchen doors came factory painted in what Anderson Windows and Doors calls "Sandtone". If you walk into a Sherwin Williams they apparently have the colour in their source database under "National Accounts List/Colors & Specs". Good luck!

abreeza said...

Great work, it looks beautiful.