Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dining Room Chair Upholstery

We've been meaning to recover our dining room chairs for a long time. We bought our vintage dining chairs 3 years ago from Studio Pazo in Leslieville. Fortunately for us, it was the week that the store was moving one block further West, so we were able to negotiate a pretty good deal.

We had originally wanted mid-century teak dining chairs as we thought the colour would work better with our table, but we really liked the lines of these chairs, and decided on them ,even though they were rosewood instead of teak. To me they look like the love child of a Chippendale and a Finn Juhl. Anyhow, they came with the original seat fabric, a lovely but worn out looking tweed. So on Friday my wife picked up some fabric samples from Designer Fabrics.

We settled on the fabric on the top left. I spent the rest of the weekend reupholstering. Taking the seats off was easy as the manufacturer used allen bolts to hold the seats to the frame.

Once i removed the seat i noticed the frame had a stamp on it that said Danish Overseas Furniture Co, which i thought was pretty neat. Not sure how old these chairs are, but they were in really great condition.

I added a bit of extra dacron batting and the new fabric right over the original (who knows maybe the chairs if left original will be worth something one day - doubtful but who knows). Anyhow, we really like the chairs with the new fabric. We bought enough extra fabric, that if we ever have spills we can always recover 4 more chairs. Here's an after:

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hang It All

Like many of the narrow Victorian houses in Toronto, our house does not have a coat closet. Which means that through the winter; shoes, boots, coats, hats, scarves, umbrellas, our baby carrier and carrier cover clutter our front entryway. To provide a place for all these items, we bought a coat tree a while back. We thought this would help but once festooned with all of our winter paraphernalia it actually ended it up looking far more cluttered and messy.

Witness our entryway of shame:

Day-in and day-out of staring at that pile of coats simply made us crazy. So finally i did something about it. I hung a couple of Hang-it-all hooks on the wall, which at least means the clutter is up against the wall instead of standing in the middle of the hall like a giant coat sequoia and i picked up an umbrella stand from ChairTableLamp.

Pair of "Hang It All" hooks by Charles and Ray Eames: