Thursday, February 24, 2011

Little Things That Make Me Smile

Many local merchants, like Mitzi’s, use their walls to showcase the work of local artists. We love this as we get to see all kinds of photography, sculpture, oils and the like that we would otherwise not have known about. In a recent trip to Cherry Bomb, one of our favourite go-to coffee merchants, we were greeted with posters with simple sayings like “Happy Day”, “I Love You”, “Wake Up” and "Drink More Coffee". None of them were fancy, but all of them made my wife and I smile.

To my surprise, my wife ordered two for Valentine’s Day, one for me, and one for our daughter. Turns out the artist is Annie Morrison who works at another local merchant, Frock. Annie's prints are silk screened by hand using coffee as ink.Now every morning, while I’m making our coffee, I’m lucky to have “I Love You” prominently displayed on our kitchen wall, while my daughter wakes up to “Happy Day". They say it's the little things......

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Been A While

Time sure has flown by since i last posted anything. Not surprisingly my last reno-related posting was right around the time this little lady walked into our lives.

It's hard getting anything done around the house when those chubby cheeks are calling to be squeezed, but i haven't actually become a total slacker dad. I actually have a few projects that i hope to share soon. Let's start with the DIY shelf that my brother and i put together a few weeks ago.

My brother wanted to make a shelf to go under his window, so he went back to Deer Brian Inc (where he found some old pieces of barn beams to use as end tables) and picked up some 2 inch thick re-sawn beams. He ended up with more than enough wood to make a large table top and the shelves for $120.

We cut them to length, sanded and urethaned them. Then we went over to Home Depot to pick up 4 pieces of black pipe, 8 flanges and some black paint. Total cost was about $70. Here are the pipes and flanges before painting:

And after a coat of Behr Satin Enamel:

A few wood screws to fasten everything together and Voila: