Monday, March 15, 2010

Tasty DIY Project

Been a while since i posted anything. My wife and i spent a month sprucing up my parents old place in Leslieville, to help them get it ready to put on the market, which seemed to have paid off since they sold for over asking on the offer date. Also been spending a lot of time in front of the TV, with the Olympics and now Sarah's House 3 and Home to Flip 2, so i don't have that many projects to write about. I will post about the finished basement bathroom soon. Just waiting to find a mirror, before taking some photos.

But in the meantime, i thought i'd share my latest DIY project. Unlike all my other projects, this one shouldn't take me 287 trips to Home Depot to finish. This one should also be a little more fun and delicious than my other projects. Yesterday my wife and i went to the Sorauren Farmers Market, which is held year round at Sorauren Park. There was an interesting little vendor, called Matchbox Garden & Seed Co. They sell boxes of fresh vegetables grown on their farm in Brampton, and delivered to your door during the warm months. During the winter they sell heirloom vegetable seeds and a guide on how to grow them at home. We purchased a whole bunch of our favourite vegetables to try and grow this summer. Some of them sound really cool, like the "Gold Medal" beefsteak tomatoes, that can grow up to 2 lbs. That's the size of a small watermelon and the Jimmy Nardello sweet peppers , that grow up to 12" long. Not all of our veggies will be freakishly huge, however. We did also buy some "Coyote" cherry tomatoes, these grow wild in Mexico and produce small yellow fruit all season. They'll make a healthy snack when i get down to some more real renovations starting this summer. Anyhow, this will be the first vegetable garden i've ever tried growing, i'll post updates throughout the season.